How laminate flooring has evolved over the years

If you haven't looked at laminate floors in a while, you might be shocked to see how much they've changed. Today, these floors are a popular choice for consumers with modern, high-end style, affordability, easy maintenance, and uncomplicated installation. That makes it a great alternative to hardwood (but you can also get it to echo stone or tile). If you're shopping for laminate in Dunnellon, FL, consider us your one-stop source.

Technological and other advances

Images are taken with 3D photography and printed digitally, available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. With 3D photography, you'll see knots, grain, wormholes, swirls, and color/veining variations. Technology has also provided realistic beveling (an inclined slope) on laminate. The grooves and finishes take it to a higher level, with deep embossing to provide raised surfaces for depth and dimension. Embossing also provides textures, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weather, and distressed. This makes the floors look like wood grain and feel more realistic underfoot. Wood-look laminate floors can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood boards or square tile-sized pieces. Technology has also improved the layers, increasing durability and water resistance. The best core is HDF (high-density fiberboard), although MDF (medium density fiberboard) and particleboard are also available. Many now come with pre-attached under layers that absorb noise and absorbs minor imperfections in the subfloor. (If yours doesn't come pre-attached, it's strongly recommended that you get one.) The installation technique is a significant advance. While it can still be glued or stapled, it can also be a floating floor. The pieces click together hover over an existing subfloor, which only needs to be clean, dry, and level.

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Other benefits include


  • Durability. The top layer is an aluminum-coated wear sheet. This protects the floor from scratches, scuffs and makes it impossible to "walk-off" the image. It also helps with water resistance by keeping spills at the top to be wiped off easily.
  • Easy to care for. All that's required is a daily sweeping and periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Avoid waxy polishes and shine-promoting cleaners, as they can damage the urethane finish and dull the floor. If you feel like you need more shine, ask the flooring expert for advice.

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